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What to Know

What is Showcase?

Showcase is a modern presentation platform that rethinks the entire Finance Department presentation workflow. Showcase is designed to replace Profit Builder Menu with enhanced capabilities to manage electronic rating and contracting.

Will previous transactions be lost?

No! All previous transactions will still be available.

Will dealerships need to configure any settings?

No! All settings from ProfitLink Menu will be transferred automatically.

Any changes to DMS Integration?

Showcase can be integrated with our DMS partners (Reynolds, CDK, DealerTrack, Automate, and AutoSoft). The Showcase application is free for Profit Builder dealerships only DMS integration charges are the dealership’s responsibility.

Is Profit Builder Reporting changing?

While the Reporting application is currently being updated and new features will be released later in 2021, there is no change to the data and all current reports will be available.

What will MarketSource need to do?

We have automated virtually every step to migrate dealerships to Showcase. We don’t anticipate any implementation burden for the field or dealership personnel.

What is the best way to get help?

We strongly recommend utilizing the Support icon in the lower right corner of Showcase as well as the Tail Light website. Through the support icon, our Client Experience team is able to immediately assist with any need that may arise.

Steps to Take


We strongly recommend that dealership personnel utilize the on-demand training videos. Training resources can be accessed at

Enable RouteOne Access

To utilize the electronic rating and contracting features, Tail Light needs to be designated and enabled as your F&I Menu provider within RouteOne.

Activate New Tail Light Login

Dealerships will be prompted to update their existing Tail Light login to enable Showcase access. It’s a simple process that is available when they log in to ProfitLink Menu.